We Are QSD
Our Quality Makes Your Brands Shine

We make high-quality mobile apps for startups

We Are QSD
We Boldly Go Where No Developer Has Gone Before

Quality in design, Quality in code, Quality in support

We Are QSD
Most Recognized Native Mobile Company

We are innovative, creative, effective and passionate

We Are QSD
Delighted to Meet You

Contact us and see if our quality meets your standards!

We Are QSD
Our Quality Makes Your Brand Shine

We create apps that transform brands, grow businesses
and make people’s lives better. Building brands and driving sales with powerful ideas.

We're Passionate
Quality Product of Love

Quality is tightly bound to passion and meticulousness to details. If you are not in love with a project, the final output will always be raw.

We're Cool Nerds
Coding With Fun

Being serious does not mean being dead serious. We work hard and we play hard, but we do it with a huge dose of fun. Don't be jealous!

We're Here for You
Available When You Need Us

We strongly believe that 99% of issues can be resolved by promt communication. That's why we always put in action our rule to reply within 24h. Imagine, it works!

We're Professional
Southeastern Europe Based

Based in the warm hearth of Europe (our country is hearth-shaped as well) allows us to deliver top projects in time with professionalism our clients expect and are used to.

Our Skills
Quality is Product of Love

A non-exhaustive list of our skills:
  • Android & iOS (iPhone and iPad) development
  • Hybrid development (React Native,...)
  • Graphic Design -Mobile UX
  • PHP development (Laravel, CodeIgniter,...)
  • Backend & API (Node.js, Ruby, Python, React.js)
  • Project Lead and Management
  • Android




    QA (UX Testing, Unit Tests, Manual Testing)


    API (mBaaS, BaaS, backend)


    Hybrid (React Native,...)


    We're Creative
    Quality is Product of Love

    The most recognized small company chosen by global companies worldwide. We witness it every day when a large international company choses to work with us. It simply proves that you do not have to be enterprise-level to deliver top products. It's all about passion, not about size.

    Let's reinvent the mobile with QSD!


    Satisfied Customers


    Coffees Drunk


    Completed Projects


    Lines of code

    A Perfect Product is Passion, Dedication, and lots of Coffee and pizza


    The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra


    People can be really smart or have skills that are directly applicable, but if they don't really believe in it then they are not going to really work hard


    What We Do For You
    Our Capabilities

    A highly skilled team with a great sense of humor.

    Mobile Native Coding
    Sleep Code Eat ↷ Repeat

    We are known as "those guys who can fix messed apps". We are aware that redoing from scratch is the most expensive way. We always try to fix the existing code base if there is the slightest chance to do that.

    Mobile UX Design
    Quality Product of Love

    On the surface so-easy mission becomes a struggle with multitude of screen sizes, aspect ratios and pixel density. We always win this battle.

    1ms response or bust

    There are backends and QSD-made backends. There are APIs and QSD-made APIs. Once you have seen our API and 1ms respose, you will be asking yourself if this is really possible. Period.

    Project Lead
    Sit Back And See It Progress

    Our experience allows us to lead a project as well. Our lead guys have led teams of 5 and 55 people. Many times leading a team of 5 was harder than leading a team of 55.

    Customer Support
    Your user is our user

    We strongly believe that application support should be done by the same team that created an app. We believe that application support is a bond between a support agent and development team.

    Having Fun
    Fun Best Reduces Stress

    No matter how tight a deadline may be or how nasty bug you try to solve, if you don't take sufficient dose of fun, you ruin yourself in a month. We are those crazy hackers that always laugh.

    Take a Look at
    Some of Our Work

    Wide range of successful projects.

    List continues...
      • MyCalendar
      • by K-Factor Media
      • Smart Lock
      • by Craftsman
      • The Wonder Weeks Audiobook
      • by Domus Technica
      • Ukulele Tuner
      • by Ukulele Wave
        ~1M users
      • Jaumo
      • by Jaumo GmbH
        ~1M daily users
      • MyPlanner
      • by Tradeboxmedia
        New approach to planning

    What People
    Say About Us

    These guys are amazing! Our project was in a messy state, there was a deadline we had to meet, and I thought we are doomed... They responded so quickly to our request and finalized the project in time. And even found new bugs! In the end, we released our app and our users are happy! I highly recommend them!

    Julian P - OC ltd. UK

    I have been extremely impressed with QSD from the first day. They have made the whole series of our apps and I have been using them as our sole mobile development provider. With each project they went an extra mile. Each time we thought our UX was done, they came back reporting UX issues we had no idea they existed. Highly creative and inovative team.

    Marco P - DomTec BV, Netherlands

    What People
    Say About Us

    We have quite a bunch of applications we use in-house only. We chose QSD for a few of such projects and they created utility applications that we still use internally. One of the best teams I have ever worked with!

    Benjamin S - Panasonic Australia

    I love QSD. Absolutely amazing results and experience creating our website and mobile applications. We chose this small company to help us create Internet and mobile identity for our new product. We got way more than we expected. You will not regret if you choose this team for your project!

    Christoph B - Victorinox

    What People
    Say About Us

    We chose this team as we are top contributors on the Play Store and we knew that we cannot afford any risk. We got a highly trained team that was able to maintain our robust infrastructure and our demanding users. We were blessed to find this team Try them and let me know if we were wrong!

    Benjamin & Jens - Jaumo

    For 1 whole year, the company we hired before QSD had worked on our global branding app and we got nothing but misery. Both apps were ruined, misaligned, slow, buggy and crashy. These guys took over both projects and in 2 month recuperated our apps. I have no words to express my gratitude to QSD team. If you want things done properly go with QSD from the start.

    Cameron D-J - Komet Dental

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    Dr. Ante Starcevica bb, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    direct +387 63 09 78 78

    USA +1 347 352 8633 (NY)

    UK +44 20 3290 1563 (LDN)

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